Now available!
Protective, non-medical masks

The COVID-19 virus has prompted all of us to make changes in an effort to protect and support our community. We’re taking new steps at Regency Cleaners too!

The CDC recommends all Americans use non-medical masks to help reduce the spread of this extremely contagious new virus, but masks are still in very limited supply. So Regency Cleaners, with the help of our seamstresses, have been hard at work helping to fill the need while supporting a very good cause.

You can now get locally made masks at all Regency Cleaners locations!

Just $10 (for cotton designs) or $11 (for denim).

Plus to help redirect as much support back into the community as possible, 20% of the proceeds from each purchase will go right to the Ronald McDonald House of Durham, to keep families close to their seriously ill or injured children and provide essential support services.

We urge you not to wait—supplies are limited! Of course we continue to take all proper precautions to protect our customers and staff.

Please stay healthy and safe,

Your friends at Regency Cleaners

Note: Please remember that our non-medical masks do not replace medical-grade PPE and do not guarantee full protection against the spread of COVID-19. It’s important to continue to follow CDC guidelines: wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, practice social distancing (keep at least 2 arm lengths between people) and refrain from touching your face.

These masks cannot be returned.