How can you get your laundry done in 4 minutes?

Just use Regency Cleaners easy wash-dry-fold service.

Let Regency Cleaners take care of your dirty work! Save time and money by using our professional wash-dry-fold service. Save on water. Save on electricity. No more folding. Get your time back. We use only the highest-quality detergents, bleaches and softeners in addition to providing the water, electricity and time.

Our laundry service specialists will separate your whites, lights and darks.

We will wash, dry, neatly fold and package your laundry.

You will receive a long-lasting, custom wash-dry-fold laundry tote, free of charge. Just stop by any of our 6 convenient locations with your first order and we will give you the FREE tote at drop-off*. Your laundry will be clean and ready to wear the SAME day (drop off by 9am pick up by 5pm, Monday through Friday).

*Minimum of 10 lbs required for a free tote. Limited to one per customer.