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How can you get your laundry done in 4 minutes?

Just use Regency Cleaners easy wash-dry-fold service.

You wash-dry-fold, week after week… imagine how nice it would be to cross laundry off your to-do list forever!

Of course, you want your clothes clean, fresh and neat, but consider the time it takes to sort, pre-treat, wash, dry, (and maybe even re-wash and re-dry when distractions lead to wrinkled loads), and fold, week after week. There IS a better way.

More time & freedom for you—and save money too.

With the specialists at Regency Cleaners taking care of your dirty work, you’ll have more time and freedom for family, career—and fun!  When our specialists take over the wash-dry-fold tasks, you’ll also save money on your water and electricity bills.

For even more savings, choose free pickup and delivery and leave the driving to us!

Here’s how your convenient wash-dry-fold service will work:

  • Bundling up the laundry is easy: You’ll receive a long-lasting, eco-friendly custom wash-dry-fold laundry tote, free of charge with your first order.
  • There’s no need to pre-sort: our laundry service specialists will separate your whites, lights and darks for you.
  • Quality products for your peace of mind: You can relax, knowing only the highest-quality detergents, sanitizers and softeners are being used to make sure your garments stay in top condition.
  • In short, we handle every step for you: our laundry professionals will wash, dry, neatly fold and package your laundry.

Same day Wash-Dry-Fold service. That’s easy!

Just stop by any of our 6 convenient locations with your first order. Your laundry will be clean and ready to wear the SAME day (drop off by 9 am pick up by 5 pm, Monday through Friday—we can even shoot you a text when it’s ready!).


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