Services from Regency Cleaners & White Star Cleaners

You’ve spent time and money selecting just the right garments, so when it’s time for cleaning or alterations, choose a company with the reputation, service and systems that will offer you and your favorite garments the same level of exceptional care.

For over 90 years, the family-led team at Regency Cleaners has provided the best in dry cleaning, laundromat and alterations services for clients in our Durham community. Each of our six locations offers professional:

Did you know? The secret to getting more wear from your casual clothing

While we all love the comfort of casual wear, it’s also true that these pieces often don’t hold up as well as we’d like: their colors fade and they tend to lose shape or body. That’s both frustrating and costly.

The trouble is, the detergents and washing machines used at home are typically harsher and less effective than what’s available through professional cleaning.

At Regency Cleaners, we not only clean your clothing with care, we provide specialized treatment to the growing variety of styles and fabrics in all your favorite pieces—favorites that deserve nothing less than expert care!

Imagine that: your favorite clothes can last longer, look better—and require no work at home!

Please visit your nearest Regency Cleaners for assistance. Our team looks forward to welcoming you into our family and providing you with an environmentally friendly clean garment, quality finishing and excellent service!