Sure, you may be able to clean your casual wear at home, but professional cleaning is the best choice. Why?  We do more than just clean your clothing.  We provide specialized treatment to the growing variety of styles and fabrics that deserve nothing less than expert care.  So what would you prefer, hunching over an ironing board at home, or letting us help you to look your best?

Regency and White Star Cleaners work hard for the Durham community and surrounding areas to provide a high quality, customer friendly environment for excellent cleaning of your fine woolens, bright silks, soft sweaters and everyday casual wear.  We use a blend of environmentally safe processes and non-toxic solvents to achieve the finest processing of your clothing.  We are extremely particular about the freshness and cleanliness of our cleaning solvents that clean your clothes.  We look forward to providing you with an environmentally friendly clean garment, quality finishing and excellent service.