Leather, Suede & UGGs Cleaning

You want to keep your coats, boots and handbags alive and kicking for as long as the leather or suede allows. Now more than ever, we have you covered at Regency Cleaners. We’ve added shoe repair and cleaning to our list of trusted services, so you can keep your favorite shoes moving for another season or more.

New soles, new heels, a top-notch shine, or just fixing a rip, why not show them the love they deserve? Also, discover quality leather care for items such as belts and bags—at all six Regency locations!

Let our professional neighborhood cobbler use their artisan recrafting skills to breathe new life into your fine leather goods and craft new heels or soles onto your awesome shoes. Their traditional sole-mending craftsmanship is exceptional! Our Customer Experience Manager will reach out to you for a consultation and an estimate prior to starting work.

Essential care for leather and suede is more than just a good cleaning

Cleaning alone isn’t enough to keep your leather and suede garments looking their best. These natural materials require restoring, conditioning, deodorizing and re-coloring. Here’s how Regency Cleaners can restore your leather and suede items:

  • Clean and condition all types of leather or suede garments, trims and handbags. (If they have stains, for best results please let our customer service team know when you drop off your items.)
  • Refinish and restore color in the top coats of your leather goods—we even mix the stains to bring leather items back to their original colors.
  • Treat your leather to protect and prevent unsightly spots and water stains.
  • Remove stickers or other glue-backed labels (tip: don’t try to remove them yourself!)
  • Clean and correct chemical “burn” damage from ice melt or road salts, blood, alcohol and hair products, milk or urine.
  • Kill mold and mildew (and its residual odors).
  • Clean and renew the finish and texture of suedes, including both outside and inside of wool-lined boots or slippers (e.g., UGGs, Emu Australia, UGLY, RocketDog)—even refreshing the fluffy fleece linings.

Once your leather or suede items are returned clean and fresh, we recommend storing them in a clean, cool, dry environment with proper air circulation. More importantly, you’ll want to find a location with minimal moisture, which can get trapped and encourage mildew to develop.

Please stop by your nearest Regency Cleaners for help—we look forward to giving your well-loved leather, suede and shoes the best cleaning and care possible!